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Mid Sweden water produces 15,5 million cubic metres of water every year. The water is natural ground water that is pumped up from the region’s fine eskers (gravel ridges). Mid Sweden Water has 21 water pits, 1440 km of water pipes, 83 booster stations and 39 reservoirs. Mid Sweden Water cleans 20.6 million cubic meters of wastewater per year in our 46 treatment plants. In the larger treatment plants, water is purified following an advanced 3-step process: mechanical, chemical and biological purification. We have 1400 km of water pipes and 176 waste pumping stations. Mid Sweden Water offers field trips to the Tivoli plant in Sundsvall and to Grönsta water pit.
The Tivoli plant is one of Sundsvall’s largest constructions, but the only thing that can be seen of the plant are the colourful digestion chambers at the northern entrance to Sundsvall. The rest has been dug down under Norra Berget (the hillside). During a field trip to the Tivoli plant you will learn more about the lifecycle of water. Our quality certified natural mineral water comes from Grönsta water pit.

Town: Sundsvall
Find us: Heffnersvägen 3
Website: www.mittsverigevatten.se
Contact: Ulrika Lagergren
Telephone: 0+46 (0)60-192852
Email: ulrika.lagergren@mittsverigevatten.se
Visiting: Jan – May, Sept – Dec
Duration: 1-2 hours
Languages: Swedish & English

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