The recirculating system

The future of food provision


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Visit a unique centre to find out how to farm fish and grow vegetables in a self-sustaining, recirculating system. The recirculating system is a pilot project that demonstrates how to farm fish and grow vegetables in a self-sustaining system with minimal water and energy consumption. The synergistic relationship between the fish and the plants requires no chemical additives or antibiotics, which means that you get clean and healthful food.
You can see how it works in the picture above. The water from the fish tank wases out into the growing bed with lettuce and tomatoes, thereafter it is pumped back while being aerated and oxygenated.
No waste products are created. The plants and bacteria in the gravel beds use the nutrition in the water from the fish excrement, and purify it before it gets returned to the fish. This is an environmentally friendly way to farm fish and grow vegetables.
The fish excrement feeds the plants and the plants purify the water for the fish. Each kilo of farmed fish creates 10 kilos of vegetables.
The advantages of this system compared to traditional fish farming are that it saves vast amounts of water and it removes the negative consequences often connected with fish and arable farming, including over-fertilisation and toxic pesticides.

Town: Härnösand
Find us: Södersundsvägen 48
Website:,   www.
Contact:  Per- Erik Nygård
Telephone: 0+46 (0)70- 558 33 91
Visiting: May – October, between 9.00 and 12.00 
Duration: 1-2 hours
Languages: Swedish
Number: Max 5 people
Price: 100 Swedish crowns per person

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