Sunnavik residential area /Österbotten

In Sunnavik you’ll experience

sunnanvik• An excellent sediment thermal network which uses heat from ocean floor sediment.
• How biogas from a disused waste tip produces heat and electricity.
• Micro turbines and fuel cells in operation.
• Geothermal and solar heating for high-rise buildings.
• How coaxial pipes have been installed in the ocean floor in an environmentally friendly way.

More than 40 buildings in the 2008 residential area are heated by a new low-energy network, which has been installed in the ocean floor sediment and is used for both heating and cooling. A portion of the heat and electricity for the area is produced, with the help of micro turbines and fuel cells, with biogas from a disused waste tip. Of particular interest in this area is the low-energy grid that uses the heat stored in ocean floor sediment. Pipes were installed in the sediment using horizontal drilling and the system was later supplemented with geothermal wells drilled using a new water drilling technology. A film, “New energy, the energy self-sufficient residential area in Vasa”, which describes the unique solutions in Sunnavik, is now up on watch?v=yDs5Y500RIU.
Come and learn about the unique energy solutions in Sunnavik.

Town: Vasa
Find us: Sunnanvik
Age: 6+
Number: Max 25 people


Miljöteknik, energi & klimat