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Combined cooling and heating plant for energy effectiveness with a range of application possibilities

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At Scancool you will experience:

• How heat in, for example, the ground, exhausts, hot air, industrial and wastewater, can be used for heating in industry or resold.
• How Scancool develops the plant’s heating and cooling facilities, the benefits of using excess produced heating and cooling.
• How problems are minimised with pre-installed units, and the kind of units Scancool produces and ships worldwide.
• Why these cooling and heating plants are a concept that everybody wins from.
What can industrial cooling units and heat pumps do to reduce CO2 emissions and costs? Customers are provided both cooling and heating services, a tailor-made solution that includes everything from manufacturing to installation and maintenance. Cooling solutions are appropriate for ice-skating rinks, air conditioning, cold store and freezing warehouses, and Scancool’s experts advise customers around the world in these areas. To ensure quality and operational reliability, test measurements are are carried out in our “test bench” ​​under conditions that correspond to the customer’s.
The “test bench” is an important tool in product development. This is where testing of solutions developed from simulation models takes place as well as testing of how new components fit different systems. There are many industrial processes that can and should be cooled, in many cases large amounts of heat are released out into nature, as low temperatures makes the heat difficult to exploit.
That’s why our industrial heat pumps have been developed to exploit the waste energy that is produced more effectively.
The heat or cooling can then be exploited for self-use, such as district heating or cooling. The cooling system removes heat and a heat pump can be inserted into the process, in this way waste energy can be used to replace expensive primary energy. In most industrial plants, both cooling and heating is needed. Both heating and cooling can be produced from the same heat pump. This is the strength of Scancool’s concept. See where the new energy smart solutions are designed and create your own understanding of heating pumps.

Town: Karleby
Address: Företagarevägen 6
Age: 12 +
Number: Max. 25 people


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