Övik Energi Combined Heating & Power and District cooling

ovik-eneriokraftHörneborg plant’s biofuel-based facility is the motor in Övik Energy’s energy generation. On a field trip to the Hörneborg plant, you’ll find out more about how a bio-fuelled CHP plant works, and learn more about the sustainable approach that permeates the entire operation. Hörneborg plant generates approximately equal amounts of district heating, steam and electricity. The steam is provided to the nearby process industries, Domsjö Fabriker, AkzoNobel and SEKAB. Since the industries’ need for steam, in contrast to district heating, is constant throughout the year, the CHP plant can be used more efficiently compared with CHP plants that only supply district heating. In total, 99 per cent of renewable fuels are used in Hörneborg plant. In a CHP plant, all added fuel becomes usable energy in contrast to conventional electricity power plants where heat is released and not used. In this way, district heating can replace electricity for heating and also enables minimum energy wastage in electricity generation. Hörneborg plant also purchases leftover materials from Domsjö Fabriker to be used as fuel in the plant, which means much shorter transport costs and further environmental benefits. On a field trip to Hörneborg plant you can also find out more about district cooling. Örnskölsdvik’s new CHP plant and other industrial plants within the Domsjö industrial estate have their cooling needs met from the ground water from Övik’s bay. On a field trip you’ll learn more about how district cooling works and the positive effects it has on the environment and the economy.

Town: Örnsköldsvik
Find us: Hörneborgsvägen 3
Website: www.ovikenergi.se
Contact: Rickard Pellny
Telephone: 0+46 (0)73-2741260
Email: rickard.pellny@ovikenergi.se
Visiting: Year-round
Duration: Approximately 2 hours
Languages: Swedish & English
Number: Max 20 per visit

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