Örnen residents association

The sun gives us power

ornenHSB’s Örnen residents’ association has invested in generating heating and electricity in a climate-friendly way by setting up solar collectors and solar panels on the roofs of their buildings.
They have also switched the light bulbs in communal spaces to low energy LED bulbs. HSB’s Örnen residents’ association invested in solar energy in three phases: In the first phase 280 sq metres of roof surface was covered with solar panels for heating water for the district heating network. In phases two and three, the association continued its investment with solar cells for generating electricity for consumption within their own network. The sun reduces their district heating need by about 20% per year.
That’s the equivalent of 200 000 Swedish crowns every year.
The solar cells that are rigged up on the 17 roof ridges provide
35 000 kWh/year of electricity for the association’s own consumption. Technological development means that it’s becoming more and more interesting to implement solar energy projects. Today’s systems are much more effective than previous ones. Örnens school project was ready in just over three months. On a field trip to Örnen’s residents’ association, you will learn more about the project and how to save energy in the housing sector.
In Sweden, housing accounts for approx. 35% of total energy consumption, and almost 20% of CO2 emissions.
HSB is taking a proactive responsibility for the climate and the environment. This project illustrates that it’s possible to reduce environmental impact in existing housing.
The project is particularly interesting because it’s rare to have solar heating in buildings that are already connected to district heating.

Town: Timrå
Find us: Kungsvägen 123
Website: www.hsb.se/mitt/ornen
Contact: Bertil Lehto
Telephone: 0+46 (0)70-662 09 81
Email: hsb.brf.ornen.timra@bredband.net
Visiting: Most appropriate times of year are March –  October
Duration: As preferred
Languages: Swedish & English
Maximum number: 1-70 people
Other: Permanent exhibition and also showing of installations on the roof.  Toilets available.

Miljöteknik, energi & klimat