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Reko Sundsvall works with waste planning and advice on how best to establish and develop a sustainable society, on behalf of the municipality. This includes educating residents in Sundsvall’s municipality and working to provide the best conditions for them to contribute to an expanded sustainable society. Reko Sundsvall’s objective is to increase recycling of materials and energy and decrease the amount of waste. Lifecyle park is a complete recycling facility where Sundsvall’s households can leave most of their sorted waste materials free of charge. Lifecycle park has been designed both from the user’s perspective, and with an environmental mind-set. The station has clear signage and a roof, so leaving waste materials correctly, in the right places, is simple. In the same location there’s also the possibility to donate second-hand goods to a charity, which then sells them in their second-hand shop. This approach is beneficial to society in the form of reduced waste, while at the same time contributing to charity.

An environmental approach permeates the entire operation and design including solar panels, renewable building materials, mini sewerage treatment plants and a surface/stormwater pond. On a visit to Lifecycle park, you will be guided around the area, get a greater understanding of the importance of recycling and how it works in practice.

Town: Sundsvall
Find us: Knävland
Contact: Kalle Berggren
Telephone: 0+46 (0)70-327 99 96
Visiting: Year-round.
Duration: 1,5 hours
Languages: Swedish
Maximum number: 15 people
Other: The visit takes place outdoors

Miljöteknik, energi & klimat