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Sustainable construction


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Laggarbergs school has been built according to sustainable construction principles. Sustainable construction means taking a holistic view when planning buildings and towns, as well as combining good design with a systems perspective. The objective is to minimise negative environmental impact by stopping all leakages. One studies all the flows through a building – not only energy flows – but also water, sewerage, air and material flows. Sustainable construction is adaptable to the local environment, local climate and local culture. All technical systems and construction materials must be chosen and designed so that they work together to create a healthy indoor climate, with a low energy demand, low operating costs and low maintenance costs. The entire Lagerbergs school is used as an educational tool and has been Green Flag certified.
The school has been renovated and extended and wood was mostly used in the different constructions. As far as possible, they have used environmentally friendly material, reusable and recyclable construction materials. Energy consumption has remained low due to the sun collectors and the pellets boiler, and the geothermal pipes under the football pitch. Natural ventilation combined with a termite-inspired ventilation system provides good indoor air. The school has its own compost heap and a greenhouse where they can grow their own flowers and vegetables. On a field trip to Laggarbergs school, you will learn about sustainable construction as well as how the Swedish school system is working with sustainability matters.

Town: Timrå
Find us: Maskrosvägen 2785
Contact: Kerstin Nordin
Telephone: 0+46 (0)70-3401723
Visiting: During specific times to avoid disturbing students
så att inte eleverna störs.
Duration: 1-2 hours
Languages: Swedish & English
Maximum number: 8 people

Miljöteknik, energi & klimat