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Sundsvall Energi AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sundsvall municipality through Stadsbacken AB. Korsta plant is the heart of the entire production. Most of the district heating and electricity is generated by Korsta plant, located on the Alnö straights. Korsta plant provides district heating to approximately 80 000 Sundsvall residents in homes, schools, hospitals, places of business and offices.Korsta plant started operations in 1978. Every year it generates approximately 100 000 MWh of electricity and approximately 700 000 MWh of district heating. Korsta plant recycles combustible household and industrial waste, from large parts of Västernorrland, Jämtland and Gävleborg counties, totalling approximately 210 000 tonnes per year, to produce energy. We sell treatment services for energy recycling of combustible waste to local municipalities and companies in the region. At Blåbergets waste management plant, combustible waste is received, sorted and temporarily stored. You are welcome to visit Korsta plant, which is the main generation plant for district heating in Sundsvall. We also welcome school groups for field trips. For safety reasons, we do not show the entire plant to school children under 12 years old.

Town: Sundsvall
Find us: Alnösundet
Website: www.sundsvallenergi.se
Contact: Anna-Karin Dahl
Telephone: 0+46 (0)70-24 070 24
Email: anna-karin.dahlin@sundsvallenergi.se
Visiting: Year-round (apart from when audits are ongoing)
Duration: 1,5 hours
Languages: Swedish & English
Maximum number: approx. 20 people

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