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jarven_echotec2Järven Ecotech designs and installs complete treatment plants for purifying and collecting surface/storm water, leachate, industrial water and sewerage water. For example, Järven Ecotech’s totally unique floating walls/baffles can replace conventional surface/storm water purification solutions on the market, such as dug/excavated surface water basins, sedimentation tanks and filtering solutions.
Surface/storm water purification with Järven Ecotech’s floating walls/baffles does not require any land and it can be adapted for construction alongside marinas, bridges, gangways and in existing quay areas.
The solution is based on Järven’s tried and tested floating walls which direct the water through a natural purification process.
Järven Ecotech also provides aerators, which can oxygenate dams and other masses of water, as well as detailed design and planning services for surface/storm water, leachate and lake restoration projects. On a field trip to Järven Ecotech, you go out and see some of the installations located in the Örnsköldsvik region.

Town: Örnsköldsvik
Find us: Bromsvägen 3
Website: http://www.jarven.se/ecotech
Contact: Emil Eriksson
Telephone: 0+46 (0)73-803 00 33
Email: emil.eriksson@jarven.se
Visiting: When the ground is free of ice and snow
Duration: 1-2 hours
Languages: Swedish & English
Number:  20 per visit

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