Härnösand Energy Park

A forum for small-scale energy production

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Härnösand Energy Park was created by Härnösand Energi & Miljö (Energy & Environment) and is a unique facility for new and interesting technologies for small-scale energy production.
There is currently a solar facility, a small wind turbine and solar collecting solar cells as well as an algae cultivation project.
The energy that is generated goes directly to Härnösand Energi & Miljö’s customers as both electricity and district heating.
The energy park provides the opportunity for different actors to install, develop and demonstrate small-scale generation facilites.
During a field trip to Härnösand’s energy park you will find out more about Sweden’s first solar power plant for electricity and heating that has been connected to the local electricity and district heating networks.
The facility, which has twenty solar collectors, generates heat for the district heating network and electricity for the electricity network directly from the sun. At the energy park a dual-axis solar tracker has been built and equipped with six 300W solar panels for electricity generation. You can also find out more about wind energy and see the mini wind turbine that has been installed on a 6 metre high lamppost. The rotor diameter is 1.8 meters, which means that no building permits are required for construction.
The turbine has a three-phase permanent magnet synchronous generator that provides 25V DC power output.
An inverter is attached to connect the generator to the local electricity network. During the field trip you can also find out more about the algae cultivation project. Algae have organic growth that far exceeds other crops.
The purpose of the project is to find out whether it’s possible to use simple methods and a small budget to create the right environment, with consistent temperatures, for algae cultivation. If the pilot project is successful, this opens up significant opportunities for bio oil production, for example in rivers and lakes in Africa where there are huge areas in favourable climates with natural cooling.

Town: Härnösand
Find us: Västra Ringvägen 125
Website: www.hemab.se
Contact: Andreas Einarsson
Telephone: 0+46 (0)70-657 75 26
Email: andreas.einarsson@hemab.se
Visiting: Year-round
Duration: 1-2 hours
Languages: Swedish & English
Maximum number: Max 20 per visit
Other: The visit takes place both indoors and outdoors.

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