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• Biofuel production from various waste products from the fur industry and fisheries amongst others.
• The difference between normal diesel and biodiesel.
• How Österbotten’s fur industries, led by the feed producers, are meeting the market’s needs for green fuel.
• The extent to which biofuel is produced in Finland and the untapped potential that still exists.
• Careful testing for a reliable finished product.
• How Feora made the change from exporting fox fat to own production.

Join us at Feoras production plant where biodiesel and fuel oils are manufactured from the fat that results from the sterilisation of fox corpses. What are the steps involved in the process from fox to biodiesel, a fuel that can be used in all diesel cars?
The difference between traditional diesel and biodiesel is illustrated by a demonstration of two feed trucks being driven on the different fuels. Which good properties does biodiesel have? After researching the final product, Feora took the initiative to invest in its own large production plant.
They went from selling a semi-manufactured product to being a full-scale business with its own space. Feora is currently the third largest biodiesel producer in Finland.
Biofuel can be manufactured from many different raw materials and there are probably many more applications for the final product.
Feoras biodiesel is manufactured in a closed process, which doesn’t release any emissions, and where glycerol is obtained as a bi-product. What is glycerol used for and what does it mean that a process is closed? You are welcome to ask all your difficult questions about biofuel that an interesting visit to Feora promises.

Town: Nykarleby
Address: Jakobstadsvägen 36
Website: http://www.feora.fi
Age: 12 +
Number: Max. 25 people

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