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Since the mid 1800’s, Härnösand has been a centre for energy-related education in ocean navigation, power and heat, electric power, real estate and much more. Nowadays, the focus is on renewables, including bioenergy, solar and wind including their related systems and integration in a modern national energy system. Significant experience has been grown in energy and energy systems, complemented by a laboratory facility and capability. Härnösands machine centre probably has one of Scandinavia’s most complete and comprehensive integrated labs.
The machine centre offers features such as Rankine cycles with different turbines as well as combustion equipment. Everything from small-scale simple labs to commercial-scale, online and fully available for educational purposes. Additionally, the machine centre’s equipment can be used for researching different commercial products, to assess functionality and quality, or for further education of personnel through practical lab applications.
All instruction is led by experts from Heta utbildningar.
Härnösand’s further education colleges and a number of universities currently use the machine halls equipment in the energy space.
A field trip to Heta utbildningar starts with a general overview of various energy systems. Thereafter, you will see the machine centre and its laboratory environment and equipment.

Town: Härnösand
Find us: Gånsviksvägen 2
Contact:  Hans Östberg
Telephone: 0+46 (0)611-34 85 35
Visiting: Year-round
Duration: 1-2 hours

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