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After just a couple of years, Domsjö Fabriker is in a phase of rapid development driven by the world’s increased need for sustainable products. Domsjö Fabriker is a biorefinery that manufactures products with a clear environmental profile from renewable wood raw material. The factory has been in operation since 1903 and was part of the MoDo group of companies for many years. Today, the company is owned by the Indian Aditya Birla group of companies, the world’s largest producer of viscose. Speciality cellulose for textile products is Domsjö’s main product, but the factory also manufactures lignin, principally for the cement industry, and bioethanol.

The products are exported all around the world. During the last few years, the business has developed from a traditional pulp manufacturer to a modern biorefinery.
Environmental efforts have long been a priority at Domdjö Fabriker, and the company’s environmental policy states that there should be efficient usage of raw materials, chemicals and energy to foster long-term and sustainable development. One example of this is that the factory was the first in the world in 1991 to start bleaching cellulose using closed-loop bleaching. It has been using chlorine-free bleaching since 1990. As part of Domsjö’s environmental focus, Sweden’s largest biological treatment plant, at the time, started operating in 1985.
Due to its biological treatment plant, Domsjö Fabriker is currently one of the largest producers of biogas in Sweden. The gas is partially used internally for drying lignin. The conscious efforts for an improved external environment have had a significant, positive impact on the ecological conditions of the receiving waters, the nearby Örnsköldsvik’s bay.

Town: Örnsköldsvik
Find us: Hörneborgsvägen 17
Contact: Monica Backerholm, Communications manager
Telephone: 0+46 (0)660 756 12
Visiting: Year-round
Duration: 1-2 hours
Languages: Swedish & English
Number: 20 people

The products are exported all around the world

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