Alholmens power/Österbotten

At Alholmens power, you’ll experience:


– A large-scale and totally modern power plant, find out about the main components that keep the production going.
– The variety of work tasks the employees of the power plant have, and the responsibilities that they shoulder when technology isn’t infallible.
– Emission rights, the environmental impact of power plants of this size, how Alholmens power is preparing for the future.
What regulates access to and consumption of different fuels, the degree to which local fuel production happens locally.

Come see how the fuels of varying origin and type undergo metal separation, are ground and fed onwards in as steady a pace as possible so that the population of Jakobstad gets light and heating consistently.
At maximum consumption, an entire truck-load of peat is burned in the steam boiler in 68 minutes, how often do you put logs in the sauna stove at home?
The relationship between wood-based fuel, carbon, peat and waste that’s burnt at the power plant is steered so that emissions are kept at a low level.
The older power plant at Alholmen, AK1, is solely fuelled by biofuel and functions as a reserve and peak power plant. Seawater is used as a coolant and in capacitors, find out about the intricacies of the purification process, which is designed to prevent corrosion in pipes and wires. Fuel, sand, air and water are fed into the combustion process and smoke, gas, bottom and airborne ashes are removed from the process, as well as other undesired products, in the form of electricity, district heating and industrial steam. The electricity generated is delivered to the owners according to the proportion of ownership.
District heating is distributed throughout Jakobstad via Katternö AB. Industrial steam is supplied to UPM Kymmenes paper factory.

Town: Jakobstad
Address: Larsmovägen 149
Age: 12 +
Number: Max. 15 people

Miljöteknik, energi & klimat