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Absolicon Solar Collector AB is listed Swedish technology company, specialized in concentrated solar thermal heat. The Absolicon T160 operates up to 160°C and has the highest optical performance ever measured on a commercially available small parabolic trough collector (PTC).
After achieving ground-breaking performance, Absolicon is building two robotised production lines – one in China and one in Sweden – that will produce one 5.5 m2 solar collector every six minute.
The company is combining state-of-the-art solar research with sale of solar collector fields to food & beverage industries that needs steam and of complete PTC robotised production lines to sunny regions.

Joakim Byström                                         CEO Absolicon Solar Collector AB








Town: Härnösand
Find us: Fiskaregatan 11
Website: www.absolicon.se
Contact: Joakim Byström
Telephone: 0+46 (0)611- 55 70 00
Email: info@absolicon.se
Visiting: Year-round.
Duration: 2-3 hours
Languages: Swedish, English, German
Maximum number: Up to 50 people

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