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2MA Technology provides products and services for improving transport efficiency. They provide intelligent management and measurement systems for controlling and following up vehicle fuel consumption, speed, mileage logs and bookings. 2MA’s systems decrease environmental impact through reduced carbon dioxide emissions, reduced fuel consumption and reduced vehicle wear, both for larger transport vehicles as well as small cars. The systems also lengthen vehicle lifetime as well as reduce maintenance and repair costs.
Increased awareness and education of drivers also reduces the risk of accidents. They also perform analysis, monitoring and surveillance, as well as ISA – Intelligent Speed Adaptation – a system that tells the driver what the permitted speed limits are. 2MA’s products and services are used by local municipalities, organisations and companies.
During a field trip, 2MA explain their products and show you how they work in practice when installed in a vehicle.

Town: Härnösand
Find us: Korsmässvägen 13
Website: www.2ma.se
Contact: Marcus Johansson
Telephone: 0+46 (0)611-55 70 01
Email: info@2ma.se
Visiting: Year-round
Duration: 1-2 hours
Languages: Swedish & English
Maximum number: Max 10 people

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