This material has been developed in the project Baltic Energy funded Botnica-Atlantica program. The goal of the Botnia-Atlantica program is to strengthen the eastwest dimension and long term contribute to increased integration and cooperation within the Botnia-Atlantica Region to achieve stronger growth and sustainable development. The project is co-financed also by the County Västernorrland County Council, the Association of Municipalities Västernorrland Harnosand Energy and Environment Ltd and Mid Nordic Committee who is also the ”lead partner”. From the Finnish side involved Merinova OY, OY Katternö and Ostrobothnia.

The project Baltic Energy is to reveal new artisanal way of producing green energy, as well as highlighting the industry producers of this energy, and thus create new markets for these, mostly small and medium enterprises.The project has worked with the following three focus areas: environmental cooling, micro-generation of electricity and the increased interest in energy and climate measures.

One of the focus areas has been increasing interest in energy and climate action among organizations, property owners, businesses and the public, and therefore visits objects or so-called Technical visits” in Västernorrland been developed. What is a Technical visit? Well there is a field trip to a farm, a business or an item where you can learn more about the different technical systems and solutions.

Did you know that Västernorrland is the fifth most frequent environmental counties according Vinnova report Financing environmental technology sector 2007-2011”. Which shows that today we already have many talented entrepreneurs and companies working in the environmental technology sector, but we want to be more!
We hope these Technical visits will inspire more people to invest in environmental technologies.

Text: Tyréns / Anna Sjostrom Photo: Various photographers  Translation: anythingenglish.se • Webb: letsdesign.se mail: lena@techvisits.se

Miljöteknik, energi & klimat