Environmental technology

Presentations by the Visitors Center in Västernorrland but also from Jämtland and Österbotten.


hel-kartbildThis material has been developed in the project Baltic Energy funded Botnica-Atlantica program. The goal of the Botnia-Atlantica program is to strengthen the eastwest dimension and long term contribute to increased integration and cooperation within the Botnia-Atlantica Region to achieve stronger growth and sustainable development. The project is co-financed also by the County Västernorrland County Council, the Association of Municipalities Västernorrland Harnosand Energy and Environment Ltd and Mid Nordic Committee who is also the ”lead partner”. From the Finnish side involved Merinova OY, OY Katternö and Österbotten. read more…

Västernorrland has the major renewable natural resources in the form of hydropower, wind and forest raw material. This has led to environmental engineering related to energy and fuel production from these sources dominate. There are also many companies that work with energy from renewable sources such as solar energy and there are many who have dared to invest in solar power in Västernorrland.

Feel free to navigate your way around the sights that are broken down by geographical location! Get inspirerad and learn about environmental technologies, energy & climate!

Miljöteknik, energi & klimat